Facebook Facts

Facebook is no doubt one of the most important companies of the next decade. I believe they are the next Google.

Here is a video illustrating some amazing Facebook facts. Enjoy!

The Last Free People on Earth

There are various tribes around the world that still remain undiscovered. They live in isolation in remote locations of South America and Africa. Its amazing to think what life must be like for these people. They truly are free to do whatever they want. No money, no government, no taxes, no job, no internet, no email.  It is hard to fathom the differences in lifestyle.  Who do you think is happier, the civilized world or the undiscovered?

Egypt shuts down the internet…

Egypt Shut down the Noor, Internet Shutdown, 1984

8 hours ago, Egypt shut down the Noor Group’s DSL service, meaning the nation will lose nearly all of the remaining high speed links to the outside world.  This is the eeriest graph I have seen in a long time, all ISPs have been shut down, except for the Ministry of Communication… Very 1984. What would happen in the United States if the government shut off the internet and cell towers?

InMaps: Linkedin’s Newest Feature

Have you ever wondered what a map of your LinkedIn connections would look like?  I have always wanted to visually see how being apart of different organizations affects your relationships. InMaps Creates a beautiful layout of your connections and automatically groups them based on the themes of their connections. Make your own map at Inmaps a Linkedin Application.

Here is mine:

Matt DeCelles, Matt, DeCelles, DeCelles, Matthew DeCelles, Linked in Map

Matt DeCelles' Linkedin Map

Impressive Time-lapse of the December 2010 Blizzard

Here is a quick video of the December 2010 Blizzard. The blizzard affected  North Carolina to Maine from December 26–27, 2010.

20 hours compressed into 40 seconds!

World Map of Facebook

Have you ever wondered what a world map of Facebook would look like?  Facebook intern Paul Butler was interested in the locations of friendships, so he decided to create a visualization of Facebook connections around the globe using the social graph. Pretty cool eh?

Facebook Friends, Globe, Map, Relationships, Matt DeCelles

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